Our training focuses on three aspects:

  • Self-development
  • Time management
  • Team management
  • Self-development


    Self-development is the art of people discovering and transforming into the version of themselves they want to become by exploring character, talents, potential, dreams, and aspirations. When people prioritize personal growth and development, they develop physically, spiritually, mentally, and intellectually. In terms of the workplace, personal growth and development refer to empowering the employees to deliver better results and achieve their goals throughout the year. We attract prospective employees and keep our current employees motivated and confident through development opportunities within your workplace. Leadership Training in California and Management Training in California play a crucial role in facilitating self-development, enabling individuals to lead and manage effectively in their professional environments.

  • Time management


    Time management is planning and exercising deliberate control of the time spent on specific activities to work smarter than harder. Improving your time management at work lets you enhance your production and achieve your set goals with less effort and more effective strategies. Moreover, as a dedicated employee, with the proper utilization of time and prioritization of activities, one can provide a better quality of work. Prioritization also helps you focus on essential tasks by keeping their highest priority, enabling you to work on them with complete focus. Hence, the quality of the work is better. Leadership Training in California and Management Training in California emphasize the importance of effective time management as a key component of leadership and management success.

  • Team management


    The impact of effective team management comes as no surprise to anyone whose work it is to lead a team. Not only is it essential for employee engagement, but it can also improve productivity, which eventually contributes towards business growth and economic benefits. 

    Team management needs you to bring your team together to accomplish collective goals efficiently and more enjoyably in most cases. It involves an amalgam of getting to know the individuals in your group, managing the different personalities and skill sets, and figuring out the best ways to achieve set targets while keeping in mind the company’s objectives. Leadership Training in California and Management Training in California are integral to mastering these skills, ensuring leaders and managers in California are well-equipped to foster effective team dynamics and drive organizational success.

    You can choose any firm, but Priam Inc. allows you to learn and grow here. We are a marketing company that grooms our team members to be leaders and deliver their best work. Our associates get the benefits of representing Fortune 500 clients as they expand their market share. They receive training from some of the industry’s best marketers. Our learning ultimately exposes team members to a diverse learning experience that applies to the field and life.

Once you get on board, you will be absorbed into our training program, which will help you build critical business skills like:

  • Collaboration
  • Professional Development
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Client Interaction
  • Leadership
  • Coaching + training
  • We are more than just a team


    Our leaders ensure to create a healthy balance of collaboration and competition within the team. Many people may feel that collaboration and competition cannot exist together, but the fact is, teamwork and competition nurture each other. Competition inspires people to give their best, and partnership helps the team put everyone’s talent to the best use. In simple words, we’ve built a workspace where we reward everyone who works collectively toward common goals while giving them opportunities to pursue their individual goals. Leadership and Management Training in California are at the heart of building such dynamic and successful teams, emphasizing the significance of these programs in achieving a harmonious balance between individual aspirations and team objectives.

  • Training


    We start with one full week of classroom-style training directed by our most dynamic team members. This unique access to upper-level management provides you with a crash course in what it takes to deliver high-quality performance in the marketing world. After one week of classroom-style training, you will be evaluated daily to make sure you qualify to take the final test before going to meet our customers.

  • Feedback


    As you start to put your skills to work in the field, you will receive real-time feedback and direct mentorship to help you improve your skills and approach. This feedback will highlight your progress and growth through 1-on-1 training. Our seasoned pro will constantly observe and invest in the team’s development. The feedback will give the person a more refined understanding of their job roles within their role and build their self-esteem. Leadership and Management Training in California underscores the value of continuous feedback and mentorship in developing effective leaders and managers.

  • Placement


    Once your Accelerate certification is complete, we’ll proceed to invest in your future success by getting the right place for you in our firm. Because of the scope of what we do for our clients, we have job openings in management, marketing, customer service, sales, and more. Additionally, upward mobility depends on an individual’s merit and hitting qualifications. We have built a structured system to empower people to move into higher positions by providing high-quality work and proving themselves and their worthiness. Leadership Training in California and Management Training in California are instrumental in preparing individuals for these roles, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel and advance within the company.

  • What You’ll Learn


    The training programs aren’t about preparing you for a job today and it’s about preparing you up for ongoing future success by providing you with a complete, 360-degree understanding of what it takes to build a results-oriented career. Everything kicks off with classroom-style training led by our most prolific team members. This unparalleled access to upper-level management gives you a crash course in what it takes to succeed in business. Then, as you begin to put your skills to work in the field, you will get real-time feedback and direct mentorship to refine your skills and approach.

  • Product Knowledge + Compliance


    Before adding value to any company, you must follow the business model, value propositions, customer requirements and industry compliance. During the first phase of training, you will discover how to:

    • Quickly gain a 360-degree knowledge of any new product or service
    • Master presenting compelling sales and marketing pitches
    • Use these methods with genuine products and companies
    • Improvise with real-time feedback
  • Communication Skills


    Marketing is all about information. It’s the practice of communicating a brand’s message to its audience. Needless to say, as a marketing expert, you’ll need to have a high level of communication in terms of consumer service and within your team.
    Aside from understanding products and solutions, you’ll also practice articulating comfortably and confidently to various types of people in different settings.

    Our trainers will assist you in mastering the art of:

    • Networking and forming relationships
    • Engaging and communicating with people
    • Replying to questions with poise and confidence
    • Reading body language, facial expressions and direct communications.
  • Business and Management Skills


    With such suitable devices, information and means at our fingertips these days, there are more new businesses than ever. Not everybody who builds a business can be a manager, but the essential thing to remember is that management isn’t a skill you are or are not born with – it’s trainable. At Priam Inc, we help our capable team become the best version of themselves.

    Whether your goal is to become a businessperson, a top sales pro, or a well-rounded contributor, there are a basic set of business skills that will help you advance your career. You’ll get hands-on experience in:

    • Improving personal and professional leadership skills
    • Interviewing and training others
    • Discovering how to build and drive a team